Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Spouse,Kids and Special Needs aren’t things issued in a Seabag? 6/5

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Spouse, KidsAnonymous: I am a big advocate for mental health. Your mind is one of the most important things you need to maintain! I have two children that are on the spectrum. My daughter who is Autistic and my youngest son who is Autistic with Sensory Processing Disorder. My Eldest is newly diagnosed with ADHD.

Spouse,Kids and Special Needs aren’t things issued in a Seabag?

Page for those who have Loved Ones with Special Needs. Funnies, support and the general day to day!
Hey! This page is set up to support the families within the Military Circle and Non Military that have children with special needs. It is a page of support,general musings and banter :)I have been a Navy Wife for 11 years. I am the mother of three Cherubs. I have two children that are on the spectrum. My daughter who is Autistic and my youngest son who is…

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The 25 Greatest Homes in Literature



Great characters in literature get all the credit, but the fictional spaces they occupy are often just as interesting and can provide an opportunity for the reader to go even deeper into a story. What would some of your favorite stories be without the creepy old farmhouses, crumbling castles, and estates overlooking a body of water whose waves crash against the rocks at night? Today, as we celebrate the birthday of Daphne du Maurier — a writer who gave us one of the 20th century’s most unforgettable grand old homes, in Rebecca — we’re rounding up the most memorable structures that served as settings for some of our favorite stories.

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Web site dedicated to Bute at War returns to the Internet


Secret Scotland

Bute at War Memorial web site returns

I was really pleased to see a media article which announced the return of a web site which had unfortunately evaporated due to unfortunate circumstances some years ago, and which I therefore thought had been lost forever, which would have been sad.

The site had been created as part of a much wider effort to mark the 60th anniversary of celebrations to mark V-Day on Bute. Considerable material was collected at the time, much of it not generally known, and a book was also published at the same time.

“Bute’s War”, a book by Jess Sandeman, who was a War veteran, former Chief WREN, and a long-time voluntary genealogist at the Bute Museum, was launched early in June 2005 to coincide with the island’s V-Day festivities. I was able to obtain a copy from the author, who ultimately passed away only a few years later, in…

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