What if the World Stopped Spinning



BY: Jan Krause Greene

What if the world stopped spinning?

If it just stood still on its axis and refused to move?

If at every latitude and longitude, the sun and moon
stayed still?

What if somewhere it is always sunrise and somewhere
else the sun is always setting?

What if some live forever in total darkness and
others in unrelenting light?

What if the earth just took a stand and said,
“I will not turn once more, not one degree,
not even the 100th of a degree, until you learn to love me?”

What if the earth were to shout to us, “I have done all
I will do for you. I will not provide succulent morsels
for your wasteful tongues after you rape me
with violence and pollution?”

What if she told us that she was finished
with the struggle, that it just was not worth it anymore?

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