Does It Have To Be Either/Or?

J’adore ce lien,merci

Thinking in Fragments

ImageEarlier this week I was at an event where the prizes were awarded for an essay competition that had been set for our English with Creative Writing undergrads.  The topic they were asked to write on was: In our digital age, what value do books still have? and before the winners were announced a panel of speakers, drawn from different areas of the literary world, were asked to address this question themselves.

Fortunately, the audience was allowed their say as well because one of the problems I had with the responses from the panel was that there appeared to be a view forming that in the future it had to be either/or, the paper or the digital version and I don’t see that being the case at all. Certainly, at the moment, I happily alternate between the two, depending on whichever is the more convenient at the time.  If I’m…

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