Training Afghan Medics: The Language of Healing Pt3

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Lisa’s Diary 2014

Captain Lisa Irwin Captain Lisa Irwin

Captain Lisa Irwin is a REME Reserve Officer currently on a three-year Full Time Reserve Service commitment with the Defence Cultural Specialist Unit.  She has spent 15 months learning Pashto and Dhari before deploying to Camp Bastion to be the 2 IC of a team of medical personnel set up to mentor Afghan medical personnel. This is her third tour of Afghanistan and her second blog, as she blogged during her last tour in 2010/2011, when she was deployed as a Female Engagement Team Commander.

24 Feb

We have had a testing few days as a team, after some Afghan patients presented at Shorabak with rare conditions including  acute leukaemia, a brain tumour and some kind of systemic infection that caused hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). Two patients died despite our best efforts, which was very sad, but there was some benefit as we…

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